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If you’re looking to lose weight or increase your overall health and fitness, you may already know that quick-fix programs don’t work. They never did and they never will. Their overly simplistic, restricted calorie designs are doomed for failure.

In fact, quick fix programs have a 500-year track record of failure. It’s true.

Nonetheless, most people continue to think, if science can put a man on the moon, surely they can invent a weight-loss pill that really works!

And, who could blame them?

For the last 50 years the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have committed millions of dollars to develop weight-loss medications to address weight-loss and obesity. Yet, in all that time, the world’s top researchers and biochemists are no closer now than they were 50 years ago. That fact is, when it comes to long term weight-management and overall health, there are NO SHORTCUTS.

The Absolute Truth

Here’s what most people don’t realize or don’t want to admit.

Despite all the progress in the world, our bodies still operate in the exact same manner they did more than 2,000 years ago.

There is no technology or pharmaceutical wonder drug that can change the way our bodies process food and activity. Period.

As you progress through these 12 modules, you will understand the only short cut is in understanding how your body actually functions! We call this transition and educational process: Fitness Onboarding.

Beneath the clamor of misleading advertising, dieting gurus and multi-level weight-loss marketing schemes, the Fitness Industry has quietly and methodically helped millions of people throughout the world achieve long-term weight-management, fitness and lifestyle goals.

How? By using common sense!

Weight-management, fitness and lifestyle programs designed by fitness professionals focus on two primary elements including proper nutrition and productive exercise. Health and fitness experts, world-class coaches and athletes all focus on body-composition (body-fat vs. lean mass) instead of body weight.

You’ll also find that fitness professionals emphasize the physiological aspect of weight-management, fitness and lifestyle.

These educational modules will help you understand the delicate balance and interrelationships our bodies maintain with food and exercise.

This 12-Module Fitness Onboarding process will explain many of the concepts behind your personalized or group training program.

Or, if you are using this as a self-guided course, you’ll find the education to be a valuable tool in your own program development and strategy.

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